A reconstruction of constitutive rules


The aim of this presentation is to reconstruct John Searle’s theory of constitutive rules in light of the proposal of Amadeo Conte’s theory of the regola eidetico-costitutiva. The distinction between constitutive rules and regulative rules has received different criticism. I will suggest a proposal of constitutive rules that defend them from the linguistic distinction critique pointed out by Lewis and Ross. Furthermore, I will explain and present possible routes to understand the violation of a constitutive rule while players still playing the game (Williamson, Garcia Carpintero). Finally, I will leave the possibility to expand this proposal to the nature of the rule of recognition out to possibly discuss it in the general discussion. To this end, I proceed as follows. First, I present the state of the art in the short videos: some of the main arguments of John Searle’s theory of constitutive rules and some relevant criticism related. Second, I explain some key points that expand the comprehension of Searle’s theory in the long video.


2 thoughts on “A reconstruction of constitutive rules

  1. Ludwig, Kirk says:

    Couldn’t make the session given the difference in time zones. Might be of interest to look at my account of constitutive rules in chapters 6 & 7 of From Plural to Institutional Agency: Collective Action 2 (OUP). Also sketched in “Proxy Agency in Collective Action” in Nous 2014. https://socrates.sitehost.iu.edu/papers/Proxy%20Agency%20Offprint.pdf

    1. Lojo, Alba says:

      Dear Prof. Kirk Ludwig,

      Thank you very much for both recommendations. I will take them into account for sure.

      Kind regards,

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